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  Terry Steger as "Best Man"

Terry is honored to be Jim's best man. He is doubly thrilled to have been chosen over Jim's original choice - television's own John Stamos. He is married to Chris, Jim's sister, and is a fellow Aggie. Terry and Chris live in Dallas with their two daughters Ellie and Libby (flower girls). In his spare time, Terry likes to land more trout than Jim, catch more air than Jim on the ski slopes, and beat Jim in improvisational poetry slam contests. He also likes to travel with his family. During the work day Terry is a partner at Accenture.
Ashley Carter as "Maid of Honor"

Ashley could not be more thrilled to be Kristina’s only sister and therefore be automatically selected as Kristina's maid of honor. Also, perhaps not-so-coincidentally, Ashley's favorite movie is "Made of Honor" starring Patrick Dempsey. Ashley will be training for the wedding by having her boyfriend shoot flower bouquets at her out of a pitching machine while blasting an air horn in her ear. When Ashley isn't drinking heavily, she is an emergency room nurse at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. Her hobbies include eating food after 2:00am and cat rodeos.
  Ben Millice as "The Groomsman"

Four score years ago, Jim had the privilege of meeting Ben at Texas A&M, where they would be roommates for two years. It was at Texas A&M where Ben introduced Jim to the love of his life, Kristina, who happens to be Ben's cousin. Ben's dream of professional college studenting (it's a word!) came to a crashing end in 2005 when he accidentally graduated. Now he spends the rest of his tortured existence as an IT professional at AT&T.
Linda Meyers as "The Bridesmaid"

Linda knew from the first moment she met Kristina she knew that they couldn't be friends. Kristina was too beautiful, too thin, and too blonde. To make it even worse, according to Linda’s sources, Kristina was smart and funny as well. Linda knew it wasn't fair for one person to "have it all" (apparently it is). Linda has been so lucky that she and Kristina have been friends through crazy nights in Cardiff, through terrifying steeps on mountain bikes and wearing bikinis that are too small for them. Linda is currently an internal medicine physician in Charleston, SC where she lives with her husband, Dr. Kevin Meyers. Linda is so honored to be a bridesmaid and plans on carrying herself with dignity in Key West right to the point where she gets a little sloppy.

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