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September 30, 2009

Welcome to the website. Please be seated.

Kristina and I hope that everyone who received save the date cards can come to our wedding in Key West this April. We are very thankful to Ben Millice for his masterful help with the website. I hope AT&T never finds out how much time he spent helping us put together this original window to our wedding. We also want to thank our parents and sisters for their love and support to this point.

Planning a wedding is never easy, but the Westin Key West has been wonderful to work with. For those of you who do not live in the Sunshine State (recently renamed the Foreclosure State), have no fear about getting to Key West without selling plasma or donating a kidney. There are several options to arrive in Key West, and we will be updating the website with more information regarding travel.

For example, one does not have to fly to Miami and rent a car if one doesn’t want to. Instead, flying to Tampa or Fort Myers might be cheaper, and then taking the Key West Express Ferry (they serve alcohol for the ride down) from Fort Myers to Key West saves you from driving down Highway 1 for several hours. In addition, we are close to a good deal on the hotel rooms at the Westin, so do not have a heart attack when you see the initial room rates for that time of year. We would love for everyone to stay either at the Westin or as close to it as possible, but as our friend Ed O’Brien likes to say: Reality Rules (stay where you can). Again, you do not need a car while on the island of Key West. Trust us. Bicycles ($10/day) and walking are totally adequate if you stay in Old Town where the Westin is located.

Enjoy the website and be on the lookout for updates regarding travel options. Visit our guestbook and leave us a note. Your email is required for the note to stick (this will help us make an up to date list). Formal invitations will follow. RSVP will be web-based.

Thanks and see you in the Keys. Go Cowboys!

Jim Palmer

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