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  The marriage of Jim and Kristina has been heralded as next summer’s blockbuster event, but before they walk down the red carpet together, allow me to give you the real story of the happy couple:

Jim and Kristina first met while he was in the Navy flying fighter jets at the US Navy Fighter Weapons School in Miramar, CA (‘the elite-the best of the best). They met at a nightclub near the base, but at the time Jim had no idea that the woman he saw across the bar would eventually become the love of his life. Ever the dramatist (and eventual scientologist), he deftly grabbed a microphone and recruited his co-pilots to help him sing, “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling” to Kristina. Being the proper woman, she chatted politely after, but he was eventually rebuffed in the ladies room as Kristina would be Jim’s tactical flight instructor for the next few weeks, and she’d seen this act before.

Jim was a talented, yet cocky, pilot in flight school and took unnecessary risks like high speed tower fly-by’s in his plane, speeding away on his motorcycle recklessly and playing topless volleyball while wearing tight jeans with other men who had ridiculous nicknames. All the while, he had fallen for Kristina, who couldn’t express her feelings about Jim in public. They would spend awkward moments in the elevator, trying to hide their feelings. The two would still find time to sneak away and spend time together, listening to Otis Redding albums and discussing dianetics.


  When Jim’s co-pilot (who also spent a number of years as an emergency physician in Chicago), was killed in an accident and died, Jim drove his motorcycle some more and looked longingly at sunsets as well as himself standing in a mirror wearing only briefs. Kristina helped guide him through his depression to believe that he was a good pilot again. Kristina, by virtue of her expertise, had decided to leave California to accept another job with the department of defense. This was very difficult news for both of them, as they were now in love.

Despite his situation, Jim got the call from the government to jump into action on behalf of the United States. Since there was no military oversight for mental illness in any of their pilots, he successfully flew out and shot down several foreign jet planes, even though at the time our country wasn’t at war with anyone.

He returned to Miramar to settle down and teach the next generation of pilots when Kristina came back because she had forgotten her jacket at their favorite hangout. They were engaged shortly after, despite the ongoing investigation regarding Jim’s alleged destruction of foreign military planes for no reason.

Actually, the real story is that Kristina and Jim met briefly in 1999 when Kristina was visiting Texas A&M to see her cousin, Ben Millice (groomsman). The sparks didn’t start flying until 2004 when Jim and Kristina were fortuitously reunited in San Antonio at the wedding of Ben’s brother David. They discussed politics and drank a lot of Lone Star Beer. Their first date was going to see Kristina’s favorite actor and Jim’s celebrity look-alike, Zach Braff (not a coincidence), in Zach’s directorial debut, Garden State. Jim had just started his residency in Tampa, FL, but the two stayed in contact and started dating long distance the following year. With Kristina in Austin at that time, she traveled to Tampa and vice versa until she moved to Tampa in 2006. They were engaged on December 27th, 2008 under a little stand of pecan trees next to Prairie Creek in Richardson, TX just north of Dallas.

Currently, Jim (31) and Kristina (29) live together in Tampa, FL. Jim is currently an OB/GYN with the University of South Florida (go Bulls?), where he plans to continue his academic career. He is completing a two year research masters through the NIH K30 program at USF. Kristina is currently using her geography degree for good rather than for evil and works for Jones Edmunds and Associates as one of their GIS analysts (map making using GPS and satellite imagery). Her day job, however, pales in comparison to Kristina’s role on Florida’s number one roller derby team, The Tampa Bay Derby Darlins (, where she is one of the officers and skates for their all-star team, traveling to cities all over the country hip checking other skaters into the seats. This is her third year with the team. Jim helps out by acting as M.C., and announcing the action at a majority of the bouts.

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